Are you ready for a long trip? These car games for children will make your journey an adventure. Car games can make road trips more fun. These games are great for children, even if they’re only half an hour from their destination. They can also help them to enjoy the long drive and keep them happy until they get there.

I am one of those people who gets a little too sleepy in cars. I know many kids who are like me. Travel games have been a great way for me to stay awake. These games can keep everyone alert while on long journeys. That’s why I love them as a way to keep everyone entertained. These are some great tips for road trips.

Although it is usually played in pairs, some whisperings and secret discussions can make it possible to play in groups. Each person or team chooses something to count. They must count the number of times they see it, adding up their scores as they go along so that others know when they’ve passed it.

After the object has been counted, the person who guesses must take a guess at the object. You can even increase the number of guesses to 5-10 guesses. The winner is the one who correctly guesses the object.

Road signs, shops, only groceries shops, roadkill (well, we know some children will want to do it, I know mine), traffic lights and people wearing hats are just a few of the things you can count. It is important to ensure that everyone chooses something not too common, or else the game can become frustrating.

If the object is not seen or counted after 5 minutes, it will be time for another person to see it. The time frame is entirely up to you. Younger children might need 5 minutes while older children may only require 10 minutes. It all depends on the length of the journey.

It’s simple and based on traffic signals. Everybody takes turns guessing what the signal’s color will be once it is there. This can happen when you are at the same level as it or when you need to stop as close as you can (for red signals). It works best in areas with lots of them. Just watch the people trying to get the signal to change to their chosen color!

You can also make traffic signals fun by guessing how many cars will be at a red signal. Without the signal in sight, everyone must guess a number. It is best to know if one is coming up soon. Next, count how many cars have to stop before the lights turn green again. The winner is the closest guess!

Another one? You can guess how many traffic lights will you have to pass before you get to your destination. Or, even better, how many traffic lights you’ll be stopped at before you reach your destination.


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