Car games for kids – Top 5 Kids Car racing game

Car games for kids – Top 5 Kids Car racing game

Nowadays the most popular online video game is car racing. In fact, there are very few people who do not like car games at the present time. Car games have many sections such as car racing games, car driving games, etc. Inside it is another popular section of car games for kids. You can find out in this blog the best free online car games for kids.  also,  you can get this game for your kids on the play store. This is also a Top 5 Kids Car racing game.

Hill Climb Racing

Million people use this car game for racing.  high climb racing is a car game racing game that you can get for free.  you can find this game on many websites. this game is not only for kids but also all classes of people can play this game. 

This game is released by July 2013.  Now this game has a million players who played this game. High Kalam car racing game has many positive reviews.  all reviews say that this game is very good quality for playing. 

 high climb racing  game facilities 

  • This game has 10 different beautiful cars .you can update your car anytime.
  • Play your car on the moon, sun and other planets.
  •  This game has  11 levels to play.
  •  A super combination of Physics and Mathematics.
  • Beautiful sound when you change your car engine.

system details

  • Available only for the Android version.
  • Minimum Android version needed 2.1 Android system.
  • application size is 51.2 megabyte.
  • You can play this game with Internet connection Wi-Fi access and other access server systems. 


Beepzz animal cars fun adventure

This is another popular free online car game for kids. You can Use these car games for children for free . This game is only for children. many children like this game and play this game for playing. this game has many positive reviews that’s why you can get these games.

This game was released in January 2015.  a genius game developer this came for children. The game has many players who play and update the game daily.  you can get this game on Amazon website. 

Beepzz animal cars fun adventure Game  facilities

  • It is a simple game.  The baby whose age is 2-8  also can play this game easily.
  • Two-finger touch game.
  • Eat animal car food and earn coins.
  •  Move your car forward and backward.
  • Collect coins and unlock a new racing car.
  • Baby can play dog-shaped van; cat shaped car; bull shaped tractor; camel shaped truck; elephant shaped four-wheel-drive jeep; reindeer shaped van; and cheetah shaped sports car.
  • Play your car before you die.

System required

  •  Only for Android version 
  • minimum Android version required 4.1
  • Application size 29.1 megabytes.
  • update version available.

Stunt Extreme car games for kids

It is another popular car game for kids.  Most people refer to this game for their Child because this game is a super combination of Intelligence. These are free online car games for kids. if this game is premium you can save up to which percent using Amazon coin. 

 This is an updated  car racing game. this game is released in 2017.After publishing the game many people like this game because of their mechanical quality and super combination of Physics and Mathematics.Million of people used this game for their kids. 

Stunt Extreme Car games advantage

  • You can find mini bikes and cars.
  •  Try to reach the goal first.
  • You can play with your favorite color bike or car. 
  •  the natural and beautiful road for racing. 
  •  collect the coin for updating your car or Road panel.
  •  system requirement
  • Only available for Android version
  •  The Android version needs up to 4.0.3.
  •  This application size is 20.5 megabytes.
  • Play with open your network socket.

 system requirement

  • Only available for Android version
  •  The Android version needs up to 4.0.3.
  •  This application size is 20.5 megabytes.
  • Play with open your network socket.

Hot Wheels: Race Off car games for kids

For your children you can get this game free. Although it is a free game, you will see many premium version game quality inside it.The game is still very popular and the game will become more popular in the future according to the quality of the game. This game has a lot of positive reviews that guide a good game. 

The game was published online in July 2017. millions of people started playing the game and still play the game regularly. You can still get the game for free and if you like it after the game, you can reply in Miam quality.

Hot Wheels: Race Off car games Facilities 

  • You  can play in a multiplying mood.
  • 25 + beautiful car and many beautiful road available. 
  •  Nice combination of Physics and Mathematics. 
  •  other facilities available.

 system requirement 

  • Only available for Android version.
  •  Minimum Android percent required 4.4
  •   This car game application size is 100 megabytes.
  •  developed by a Genius developer.

Monster Truck Go Free car games for kids free downloa

This is another car game for kids. This game is only developed for children.  children can play this game free and play with full enjoyment. This game is very simple and many super quality attributes are available on this game.At this moment many children are satisfied with the game. 

 this is an updateable game.  you can update this anytime when an update is available.  this game was published in 2017.This game has many positive reviews and a lot of reviews says that this game has very good qualities. Genius developer developed this game for children.

Monster Truck car games facilities 

  • Every  child can play this game. This game is available for 2-8 years children. 
  • Many playing roads and maps available for kids.
  •  kids qualities car and maps available.
  •  Nice combination of car and colour.
  •  use your favourite car for play car racing game.

 system requirement

  •  The car game is  available only for or Android version. 
  • The minimum Android system requirement is 4.1.
  •  you can play better up to 4.1 android version.
  • The game application size is 54.1 megabyte.  you need 45.1-megabyte memory space for downloading this game. 
  • Approximate time five minutes or more

Which Car games for kids Is Best  ?

1. Hill Climb Racing
2. Beepzz animal
3. Stunt Extreme 
4. Hot Wheels: Race Off
5. Monster Truck Go

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